Conceptpower DPA 8-200kW

The Conceptpower DPA is a high-power, modular UPS system designed for today’s critical high-density computing environments. The UPS is built using true online double conversion technology and delivers high-quality power. When combined with complete network integration software and communication connectivity, the Conceptpower DPA provides a comprehensive, easy-to-integrate power protection for data centres and network environments.

The Conceptpower DPA is based on Newave’s unique and proven Decentralised Parallel Architecture DPATM. DPA means that each UPS module contains all the hardware and software required for full system operation. They share no common components. The major benefit of a DPA system is very high power availability. Each UPS module has its own independent static switch, rectifier, inverter, logic control, control panel and battery charger. Even the BATTERIES & RECTIFIERS can be configured separately for each module if required. With all of the critical components duplicated and distributed between individual units, potential single points of failure are eliminated. System uptime is further maximised by the true safe-swap modularity of the modules (easy replacement during system operation) which allows the simple addition or removal of modules without the need to bypass the UPS.

Conceptpower DPA modules can be connected in parallel configuration to provide redundancy or to increase the system’s total capacity. The Conceptpower DPA delivers power protection from 10 to 250 kVA (one to five modules) in a single cabinet. Cabinets can operate in parallel configuration to build a system of up to 1.5 MVA.

Further Conceptpower DPA highlights:

- Power density of up to 342 kW/m2 saves floor space

- Near-unity input power factor and low input harmonic distortion reduce running costs

- Safe-swap modules maximise availability and minimise upgrade costs



AC-AC Efficiency

Fully scalable

up to 1.5 MVA

"Six nines"



Conceptpower DPA – product range.

To ensure the ultimate in flexibility, the Conceptpower DPA is available in various configurations. The lower power cabinets can accommodate BATTERIES & RECTIFIERS internally. External battery cabinets are available for all product types. All UPS cabinets are parallelable.

 Product Types  Conceptpower DPA Classic  Conceptpower DPA Triple  Conceptpower DPA Upgrade
 Output power  10–25 kVA  30–50 kVA  10–75 kVA  30–150 kVA  10–125 kVA  30–250 kVA
 Nr. of UPS modules  1  1 to 3  1 to 5
 Module type  MD  MX  MD  MX  MD  MX
 Parallel configuration  Up to 30 modules  Up to 30 modules  Up to 30 modules
 Dimensions  550 x 1650 x 780  730 x 1650 x 800  550 x 1975 x 780  730 x 1975 x 800  550 x 1975 x 780  730 x 1975 x 800
 W x H x D (mm)

Conceptpower DPA – safe-swap modularity

True safe-swap modularity enables the safe removal and/or insertion of UPS modules into a Conceptpower DPA system without risk to the critical load and without the need to either transfer the critical load onto raw mains or remove power from the critical load. This unique feature directly addresses today’s requirement for continuous uptime. The ability to safe-swap modules in a Conceptpower DPA system significantly reduces its mean time to repair (MTTR) and simplifies system upgrades.

 Maximum output power  10, 15, 20, 25 kVA
 Weight  28.5 – 35 kg
 Dimensions W x H x D (mm)  483 x 225 x 700

 Maximum output power  30, 40, 50 kVA
 Weight  43.1 – 46.8 kg
 Dimensions W x H x D (mm)  663 x 225 x 720

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Lower your total cost of ownership.

The Conceptpower DPA boasts the lowest cost of ownership of any UPS system by offering energy efficiency, scalable flexibility and ergonomic design to enable easy serviceability. The Conceptpower DPA allows the infrastructure size to be scaled to align more closely with the prevailing IT requirements. Scaling the infrastructure to meet present IT needs, with the ability to add on incrementally as IT needs grow, also means that you only power and cool what you need. The resulting savings in power usage are substantial over the service life of the UPS.

Simplify installation and service.

Its straightforward and understandable concept simplifies every step of the deployment process, from planning, through installation and commissioning to full use. Easy set-up and maintenance involve lower operating and maintenance costs. The Conceptpower DPA allows adding modules in a simple plug-and-play procedure.


Optimise your energy efficiency.

Class-leading energy efficiency significantly reduces system running costs and site air-conditioning costs.

Advanced scalable architecture.

If additional capacity or redundancy is needed, up to 30 independent modules can operate in parallel configuration, achieving a total power capacity of up to 1.5 MVA.


Technical specifications

 GENERAL DATA  Conceptpower DPA Classic  Conceptpower DPA Triple  Conceptpower DPA Upgrade
 Maximum output power (frame)  25 kVA  50 kVA  75 kVA  150 kVA  125 kVA  250 kVA
 Number of UPS modules  1  1 to 3  1 to 5
 Module type  MD  MX  MD  MX  MD  MX
 Output power modules  10, 15, 20, 25 kVA  30, 40, 50 kVA  10, 15, 20, 25 kVA  30, 40, 50 kVA  10, 15, 20, 25 kVA  30, 40, 50 kVA
 Weight (with modules/ without BATTERIES & RECTIFIERS)  209 – 215 kg  305 – 309 kg  304 – 323 kg  368 – 379 kg  314 – 346 kg /td>  420 – 439 kg<
 Dimensions W x H x D (mm)  550 x 1650 x 780  730 x 1650 x 800  550 x 1975 x 780  730 x 1975 x 800  550 x 1975 x 780  730 x 1975 x 800
 Output power factor  0.8
 Topology  True online double conversion
 Parallel configuration  Up to 30 modules (up to 1.5 MVA)
 UPS type  Modular (DPA)
 Nominal input voltage  3 x 380/220 V + N, 3 x 400/230 V + N, 3 x 415/240 V + N
 Voltage tolerance (Ref. to 3 x 400/230 V)  For loads <100% (–23%, +15%), <80% (–30%, +15%), <60% (–40%, +15%)
 Input distortion THDi  <3% at 100%
 Frequency  35–70 Hz
 Power factor  0.99
 Rated output voltage  3 x 380/220 V + N, 3 x 400/230 V + N, 3 x 415/240 V + N
 Voltage distortion (Ref. to 3 x 400/230 V)  <1.5%
 Frequency  50 or 60 Hz
 Overload capability  10 min.: up to 125% or 1 min.: up to 150%
 Unbalanced load  100% possible
 Crest factor  3 : 1
 Overall efficiency  Up to 96%
 In eco-mode configuration  98%
 Storage temperature  – 25 – +70°C
 Operating temperature   0 – 40°C
 Altitude  1000m without derating
 Battery capacity  Configurable up to hours
 Internal BATTERIES & RECTIFIERS  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  -  -
 Nr. of internal BATTERIES & RECTIFIERS  Up to 200  Up to 280  Up to 180  Up to 240  -  -
 LEDs  Yes (per module)
 Communication ports  USB, RS-232, SNMP slot, potential-free contacts
 Safety  IEC/EN 62040-1-1, IEC/EN 60950-1
 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)  IEC/EN 61000-6-4 (IEC/EN 62040-2 limit A [C2 UPS])
   IEC/EN 61000-6-2 (IEC/EN 62040-2 criterion A [C2 UPS])
   IEC/EN 61000-4-2, IEC/EN 61000-4-3, IEC/EN 61000-4-4,
   IEC/EN 61000-4-5, IEC/EN 61000-4-6
 Performance  IEC/EN 62040-3
 Product certification  CE/GOST by TÜV
 Protection rating  IP 20

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