6 Key-Features at a Glance

- Modularity





Conceptpower DPA Presentation

ConceptpowerTM Modular

6 Key-Features at a Glance

- First and unique hot swappable 3phase double conversion (VFI) UPS modular design

- 2 possible power ranges: 80 and 100kVA

Front view 80-100kVA

Passive module includes:

-Input filter

- Output filter

- Booster coils

- Static By-pass

Active module includes:

- Rectifier & Booster

- Battery charger

- Inverter

- µProcessor control board

Front view 80-100kVA


Rear view 80-100kVA

Weight of the active module

80-100 kVA:  55-60 Kg

Size of the UPS module:
667x412x834mm (WxHxD)

Weight of the passive module

80-100 kVA:  55-60 Kg

Size of the UPS module:
667x412x834mm (WxHxD)

Inside view 80-100kVA


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Power modules: 80-100 kVA

Upgrade frame 300 kVA



Power modules: 80-100kVA :

- Limited up to 10 modules in parallel (> 10 modules on request)

- Distribution section for the max. capacity (300kVA)

- No single point of failure

- Space saving, 300kVA in 1.22 sqm.


  • ConceptpowerTM Modular - Scalability

    - Optimized capital investment by extending your power protection capacity at a pace that fits your business on demand

    - Scalable performance of the power capacity and runtime by simply adding independent UPS or battery increments


    Upgrade Frame (Vertical Scalability) (floor-saving-frame)

    ConceptpowerTM Modular - Scalability

    - Sinewave input current (THD=7-9%)

    - Input PF=0.98 in a standard version This means:

    - Smaller cables size and lower losses

    - Smaller fuses or Circuit Breakers (no malfunction and false tripping)

    - No separate phase compensation required

    - No extra heating of transformer and generators oversized

    Upgrade Frame (Vertical Scalability) (floor-saving-frame)

    ConceptpowerTM Modular Environmentally Friendly

    - Highest double-conversion efficiency ESIS (Energy Saving Inverter Switching) up to 95% in on- line, double conversion mode

    - Load dependent audible noise

    - Wide input frequency windows (35-70Hz)

    - Low weight (3x100kVA: 700kg)

    - No separate phase compensation required

    - Compact size (3x100kVA: 1.22 sqm)

    Product positioning

    Case 1: configuration required 2x200kVA redundant

    Modular 6x100kVA

    Total footprint required: 2.44 sqm Total weight: 1400Kg

    MAXI 3x250kVA

    Total footprint required: 2.7 sqm Total weight: 1980Kg

    Modular 6x100kVA

    12 Pulse UPS (2x2.1 sqm) Harmonic Filter& PFC (2x0.88 sqm)
    pTotal footprint required: 5.96 sqm Total weight: >6200Kg

    Battery cost saving

    Flexible Battery Management (FBM)

    • Variable DC-voltage enabling the use of battery blocks
      (40-50 blocks of 12VDC)
    • Wide input voltage windows
    • (-23%/+15% @100% load)
      (-30%/+15% @<80% load)
      (-40%/+15% @<60% load)
      Less need for battery operation

    • Automatic battery test with algorithm CPU controlled Early warning in case of battery fault
    • Temperature compensation Increases battery lifetime

    ConceptpowerTM Modular - Serviceability

    - Modular and hot-swappable design means minimizing service and maintenance cost and

    - Reduction of MTTR, maximize your power protection availability

    - Front access only

    - No needs for skilled personnel on site

    - No need of spares, just modules


    ConceptpowerTM Modular Manageability

    - Redundant Power Management Display advances the Power Protection Manageability

    - Common data execution functions for parallel systems on redundant parallel PMD’s.

    - The complete parallel system may be managed by any one of the parallel PMD’s.

    - PMD consists of mimic diagram for system status, push buttons for single module and parallel system control and LCD for monitoring, event logs and diagnosis.


    ConceptpowerTM Module Display

    ConceptpowerTM Modular Remote Control and Shutdown


    - Remote Signalling Panel (RSP) For Status and Alarm Remote Indications

    Wavemon (CD)

    - For Automatic Server shutdown and Monitoring. Cross Platform shutdown available


    - SNMP-card or Box for connection of UPS in Network Management systems

    10 reasons for buying ConceptpowerTM Modular

    1. Optimize capital investment and available space Pay-as-you-grow solution lowers your capital costs and increases utilization rates, while innovative rack-based technology frees up space previously needed for infrastructure support.
    2. Adapt to ever-changing power requirements No need to abandon previous investment when power density needs increase or if physically moving your data centre. Adapt to changing wattage requirements in your racks with single- or multi-branch rack-mount power distribution units.
    3. Accelerate speed of deployment Electrical and physical modularity allows for rapid installation with minimal engineering.
    4. Lower the cost of service contracts Simplicity of system design and intelligent modular parts lessen the dependency on expensive service contracts.
    5. Increase availability Specifically engineered to deliver higher availability through proactively designed, building block architecture and reduced MTTR
    6. Decrease mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR) Compartmentalize potential failures with system components consisting of intelligent, maintainable modules for quick fault recovery.
    7. Plan for a power density that is increasing and unpredictable Eliminate hot spots in your data centre caused by higher power densities by targeting availability where you need it most.
    8. Minimize points of failure between the UPS and the critical load Move redundancy closer to the load and prevent the majority of failures that cause critical load downtime.
    9. Minimize human error Simplicity of design and intelligent modules increase system availability by mitigating human error: the number one cause of critical load downtime.
    10. Decrease the operating costs With efficiency up to 95% (double conversion mode), the operating costs for a Conceptpower modular UPS can be >40% less compared to those for a previous generation

    Power Protection Leader Through Innovation