Guardian Central
Data Sheet


Protecting Your Network Reliability
  • Powerful – High density (31.3 W/in³) rectifiers with
    configurable up to 69.6 kW per cabinet; Maximum
    185.6 kW when paralleled.
  • Connected – State-of-the-art system controller with selfguided
    operation. SNMP and web compatible.
  • Intelligent – Sophisticated management features extend
    the battery life and monitor critical site equipment such as
    HVAC and generators.
  • Rugged – Design caters for poor grid quality supply.
  • Hybrid Compatible – Deployable and upgradable for
    use in Hybrid Power applications


Guardian Central is designed to meet rigid telecom applications with very high reliability and flexibility for future expansion.

With a compact power and distribution design, the system provides flexibility with a variety of load distribution options covering both fuse and circuit breaker solutions.

The system delivers up to 69.6 kW power per cabinet and can be paralleled to provide 185.6 kW total output power.

Ideal for switch center, central office etc.

Mechanical Data
Dimensions 600 x 600 x 2070 mm (W x D x H)
Voltage -48 VDC
Maximum Power 69.6 kW Per Cabinet, Maximum 185.6 kW when paralleled
Rectifier Types Guardian FMP Series
DC Distribution
Battery Breakers MCCB : 1 x 1500A; 2 x 600A; 4 x 384A; 2 x 384A
Fuses: 3 x NH3; 6 x NH3 (Non-insulated fuse only)
Load Breakers MCCB: 2 x 600A; 4 x 384A; 2 x 384A
MCB: 24 x 4-63A; 16 x 80-125A; 12 x 4-63A+8 x 80-125A
Fuses: 8 x NH00; 4 x NH2; 3 x NH3; 6 x NH3 (Non-insulated fuse only)
Load &Battery Distribution MCCB’s: 1 x 1500A battery MCCB+ 1 x 1500A load MCCB.
Fuses: 2 xNH3 batt. fuse + 2 x NH2 load fuse; 2 x NH3 batt. fuse + 4 x NH00 load fuse
AC Input
Voltage 2 x 3-phase 230/400 VAC, 3*L + N + PE
Frequency 47 – 63 Hz
Input Current <18 A per rectifier (FMPe30.48/FMP25.48)
Power Factor >0.99 (typical)
Surge Protection Optional
Monitoring and Control
Controller ACC
Alarm Relays 4 standard, option for up to 10
Local Interface 4 × 20 LCD, 4 key menu, USB/RS232
Remote Interface Ethernet/Modem using PowCom™ software package
Visual Indication Green LED – System ON
Yellow LED – Message(s)
Red LED – Alarm(s)
External I/O 2 × inputs, 2 outputs (open collector)
Battery Management
Symmetry Inputs Up to 12
Programmable LVD 1 × 1200A (Fuse PBF Only)
Battery Connections Battery cable, M12 or M10 lugs (depends on battery breaker module)
AC Connection 35 mm2 (2 AWG)
Load Breaker Connections Negative termination directly from breakers. Common positive from AKG terminals
Cable Entry Top Cable Entry or Bottom Cable Entry
Alarm Connections 1.5 mm² (14 AWG)
EMC ETSI EN 300 386 V.1.4.1
EN 61000-3-2:2006
EN 61000-3-3:1995 + A1:2001 + A2:20005
EN 55022:2006 + A1: 2007
EN 55024:1998 +A1: 2001 +A2:2003
Safety EN 60950-1:2006
Operating Temperature -40°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Ordering Information
Model 1-M00029G