PowCom™ Communications Software


PowCom™ is a Windows™ based communication program that is used to control and supervise Power-One’s AC to DC power conversion systems. PowCom software allows system control through a local or remote PC interface, and will automatically adjust its interface to the capabilities of the connected system.

Windows™ based communication allows for enhanced management capabilities and enables the system to be accessed from any location. The benefits include simple access of system status, alarm display, and battery function and condition.

  • Advanced graphical user interface
  • Simple adjustments and interrogation of limits and set points
  • Allows ease of system control through remote login
  • Quick collection and evaluation of battery test data
  • Data logging capabilities
  • Full graphic and tabular presentation of battery test data
  • Password protected communication list
  • Automatic call-back function

PowCom software was specifically developed to provide point-andclick data logging, analysis and display capabilities for critical power system performance and battery management data. In addition, PowCom will automatically interface with any Power-One Controller.

Powerful Analysis and Display

System data displayed by PowCom software includes system voltage, load current, battery current, rectifier output current, rectifier status, temperature reading, and the status of alarm relays. Alarm information (displayed for the last 40 events) includes alarm symbol text and time/date of occurrences. PowCom data can also be exported to other programs allowing powerful statistical and historical analysis to be presented in spreadsheet and graphical formats.

Intelligent Battery Management

Programmable battery test parameters include battery test interval, duration, Ah limit, and end voltage. The results of the last 10 tests may be downloaded to a PC for graphical analysis. Multiple discharge curves can be shown on the same graph for comparison.

Programmable battery equalization parameters include interval, duration and voltage. In addition, low-voltage disconnect and reconnect points, temperature compensation slope, and other system parameters may be remotely set with PowCom. Parameters from the system may be exported to a data file, edited offline, and remotely uploaded to the controller.

Extensive Interface and Data Logging Capabilities

Data is received through the RS232 interface of any Power-One controller. A dedicated log function provides the user with a selection of data logging parameters and intervals. This data logging information is saved in a separate file.

Hardware Requirements

PC: Microsoft Windows™ Windows 98, NT 2000, XP Modem: Hayes™ compatible. Must be able to communicate at 2400, 4800, or 9600 baud.

PowCom provides easy user access to set points for battery functions such as test, equalize, compensation, and alarm limits. Graphical presentation of battery test data facilitates comparison with future test results for battery integrity trend analysis. Critical system parameters, such as rectifier and alarm status, are concisely displayed. Clicking on the alarm button displays an alarm history screen depicting the last 40 alarm events.

NUCLEAR AND MEDICAL APPLICATIONS - Power-One products are not designed, intended for use in, or authorized for use as critical components in life support systems, equipment used in hazardous environments, or nuclear control systems without the express written consent of the respective divisional president of Power-One, Inc.

TECHNICAL REVISIONS - The appearance of products, including safety agency certifications pictured on labels, may change depending on the date manufactured. Specifications are subject to change without notice.