PowerWave 33
60 – 500 kW


PowerWave 33 – the powerhouse.

Newave has always set global standards in uninterruptible-power-supply solutions. The latest generation of PowerWave 33 is the continuation of Newave’s renowned tradition of developing state-of-the-art UPS systems, focusing on delivering the best combination of energy-efficiency and overall power performance in the industry.

Offering maximum power protection, the PowerWave 33 helps you to use less energy and takes up less space, resulting in significant cost savings.

The PowerWave 33’s exceptional design meets all modern requirements of building and operating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly data centres. The PowerWave 33 employs transformerless double conversion UPS topology and is available from 60 to 500 kVA.

The PowerWave 33 boasts features and options that cater to customers’ needs, including the flexibility to accommodate an increase in power requirements and to provide n+1 parallel redundancy. Easy installation and maintenance form the basis of the core design for this standalone UPS system with front access electrical connections and fully serviceable components.

96% AC-AC Efficiency

1.0 Output Power Factor

Fully scalable up to 5 MW

  • Up to 96% efficiency in double conversion mode minimises running costs
  • Maximised output active power (kVA = kW)
  • Excellent input performance minimises installation costs
  • Power density up to 363 kW/m2 minimises space requirements
  • Full front access maximises system serviceability


High efficiency and lowest total cost of ownership.

Power performance, which is measured by system-efficiency, input THDi and input and output power factor is the foundation of the PowerWave 33. In the normal online double conversion mode, the PowerWave 33 delivers class-leading efficiency of up to 96%.


With a transformerless design and Energy Saving Inverter Switching (ESIS) technology, the PowerWave 33 delivers high efficiency at partial and full load (up to 96% in double conversion online mode). This level of efficiency dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership of the UPS system during its life cycle. In addition to lower operating costs, the PowerWave 33 extends the service life of components, thereby greatly increasing overall power performance.

Low input current total harmonic distortion (THDi)

The PowerWave 33 actively manages the input current total harmonic distortion (THDi) at a low level (3.5% at 100% load). Newave’s unique technology neutralises the emission of harmonics at the input of the UPS system, providing greater reliability of operations for circuit breakers and extending the overall service life of the equipment. Low harmonic distortion saves unnecessary oversizing of gensets, cabling and circuit breakers, avoids extra heating of input transformers and extends the overall service life of all upstream components.

Near-to-unity input power factor

Thanks to the near-to-unity input power factor of 0.99, even with partial loads, the PowerWave 33 reduces the input installation costs by enabling the use of smaller cables. Furthermore it avoids the unnecessary use of additional phase compensating devices, which consequently keeps the overall UPS-efficiency high.

Fully rated output power

The PowerWave 33 can supply loads from 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging without derating.


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Solution flexibility.

PowerWave 33 – product range. The PowerWave 33 is available in various configurations. The smaller units (60, 80 and 100 kVA) are available with integrated enclosures to accommodate BATTERIES & RECTIFIERS. Front access facilitates installation and servicing of the BATTERIES & RECTIFIERS. To accommodate the BATTERIES & RECTIFIERS for PowerWave 33 units ranging from 120 to 500 kVA, external battery enclosures are required.

Product types 60–100 kVA 60–100 kV 120–200 kVA 250–300 kVA 400–500 kVA
Included battery enclosure No Yes, battery
enclosure type A or B
No No No
Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 550 x 1820 x 750 970 x 1820 x 750 or
1180 x 1820 x 750
850 x 1820 x 750 1100 x 1920 x 750 1650 x 1994 x 850


Top cable entry option for the 400-500 kVA UPS

Optionally a top cable entry enclosure may be used for the 400-500 kVA UPS. This enclosure extends the overall width of the UPS by 500 mm. It can be positioned on either side of the UPS and permits the connection of all incoming AC/DC power cables from above.

Advanced scalable architecture.

If additional capacity or redundancy is needed, up to 10 independent UPS units can operate in parallel configuration, achieving a total power capacity of up to 5000 kVA. In all parallel configurations, each Power-Wave 33 unit operates independently but is securely synchronised with the others using the Newave DPA (Decentralised Parallel Architecture).

This scalable architecture keeps the purchasing and operating costs of your power protection solutions exceptionally low. As your power requirements grow, the UPS system grows with them – thanks to its flexible scalability – even in the most confined spaces.


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Technical specifications.

GENERAL DATA 60 kVA 80 kVA 100 kVA 120 kVA 160 kVA 200 kVA 250 kVA 300 kVA 400 kVA 500 kVA
Output power max. 60 kVA 80 kVA 100 kVA 120 kVA 160 kVA 200 kVA 250 kVA 300 kVA 400 kVA 500 kVA
Output power factor 1.0
Topology True online double conversion
Parallel configuration Up to 10 units
UPS type Standalone
Cable entry Bottom front Bottom front or top
Nominal input voltage 3 x 380/220 V + N, 3 x 400/230 V + N, 3 x 415/240 V + N
Voltage tolerance
(Ref. to 3 x 400/230 V)
For loads <100% (–23%, +15%), <80% (–30%, +15%), <60% (–40%, +15%)
Input distortion THDi < 3.5% at 100%
Frequency 35–70 Hz
Power factor 0.99 at 100% load
Rated output voltage 3 x 380/220 V + N, 3 x 400/230 V + N, 3 x 415/240 V + N
Voltage distortion < 2%
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Overload capability 10 min.: up to 125% or 1 min.: up to 150%
Unbalanced load 100% possible
Crest factor 3 : 1
Overall efficiency Up to 96%
In eco-mode
Storage temperature –25–70°C
Operating temperature 0–40°C
Altitude configuration 1000 m without derating
Battery type Sealed, lead-acid, maintenance-free or NiCd
LCD display Yes
LEDs LED for notification and alarm
Communication ports USB, RS-232, potential-free contacts
Safety IEC/EN 62040-1-1, IEC/EN 60950-1
compatibility (EMC)
IEC/EN 62040-2, IEC/EN 61000-3-2
IEC/EN 61000-3-3, IEC/EN 61000-6-2
Performance IEC/EN 62040-3
Product certification CE
Protection rating IP 20
Manufacturing ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004
230 kg 240 kg 245 kg 280 kg 290 kg 310 kg 390 kg 410 kg 950 kg 1000 kg
W x H x D (mm)
550 x 1820 x 750 850 x 1820 x 750 1100 x 1920 x 750 1650 x 1994 x 850
Dimensions with battery
enclosures W x H x D (mm)
970 (or 1180) x 1820 x 750 - -  


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